Senator Higgins welcomes the historic passage of legislation providing abortion access in Ireland

Health Regulation Of Termination Of Pregnancy 2018
Health Regulation Of Termination Of Pregnancy 2018

"We are closer to being a republic that not only respects and trusts women but one which women can trust and which they know they can shape."

On the eve of the centenary of the first women's suffrage in Ireland, the Health (Regulation of Termination of Pregnancy) Bill 2018 passed through all stages of the Oireachtas.  

Senator Higgins worked with several colleagues to propose a number of amendments to strengthen issues in the bill relating to equitable and compassionate access to abortion services for all. Although these amendments were not accepted by the Minister, she nonetheless, welcomed the passed of the bill as a significant step of progress.

In marking the historic occasion, Senator Higgins thanked all those who had worked to bring compassion and care to a difficult subject over the past decades and those members of the public who chose support over silence on May 25th 2018. 

She expressed hope that those who had fears and concerns about the new legislation would come in time to see that the law is a step forward in compassion and allows us to better talk, share and support one another as a society.

She also spoke of her hope that the movement to repeal the eighth amendment would inspire many young campaigners to recognise that they can shape Ireland and to continue to build a better society. And she called for ongoing support for women and pregnant people in Northern Ireland to access abortion care and to ensure that compassionate support services are available to all vulnerable people throughout the country. 

Listen below to a short extract from her speech covered on Morning Ireland on 14th December.

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