Senator Higgins calls for fairness and justice in the social protection budget 2019

In advance of Budget 2019, the Minister for Employment Affairs and Social Protection, Regina Doherty appeared before the committee. Senator Higgins called on her to make progress on some of the issues which she has strongly advocated for over the past year and before.

She asked the Minister to reconsider the proposal to increase the threshold for a full contributory pension from 30 years to 40 year. 

She also asked her to ensure that the budget for her Department is subject to gender and equality proofing. A “litmus test” of this will be the outcomes for lone parents in Budget 2019. A clear and achievable measure to improve the circumstances for lone parent families would be to expand access to the jobseekers transitional payment for lone parents until their youngest child is 18. 

Finally, she raised the challenge of whether spending over €2 billion on private pension tax which disproportionately benefits higher earners is an appropriate use of public funds?

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Senator Alice-Mary Higgins supports bill to lower voting age to 16

I spoke in favour of Senator Lynn Ruane and Senator Fintan Warfield's bill to lower the voting age to 16 for local and European Parliament elections. The evidence behind this bill is clear. It is not just that 16 year olds need the opportunity to meaningfully engage with their communities, it is also crucial that young people help to shape the future of their communities and Europe. It is very disappointing that Fianna Fail and Fine Gael have blocked this bill for another nine months; meaning that it is likely that many young people will not have the opportunity to vote in the highly important European Parliament elections of 2019.