Senator Alice-Mary Higgins Speaking on Seanad Reform

Senator Alice-Mary Higgins speaking on the introduction of the Seanad Reform Bill 2020 to the Seanad and the need to ensure that Seanad Reform is both comprehensive and forthcoming.

Senator Higgins also reflected on the mandate for reform given by the public in both 1979 and 2013 and how this Seanad must deliver on that mandate while valuingand encing the work that the Seanad does.

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​ Civil Engagement Group call for equality, transparency and sustainability in Budget 2018.

The Civil Engagement Group in the Seanad is calling on the Government to deliver equality, transparency and sustainable development in Budget 2018. The group have highlighted five principles which they say should underpin the budgetary decision-making. 

1. Budget 2018 must deliver joined-up thinking for sustainable development. 

2. Budget 2018 must prioritise investment in public services and social infrastructure 

3. Budget 2018 must address social, economic and gender inequality 

4. Budget 2018 must be clear and transparent around taxation 

5. Budget 2018 must meet international standards and commitments.