Senator Alice-Mary Higgins Speaking on Seanad Reform

Senator Alice-Mary Higgins speaking on the introduction of the Seanad Reform Bill 2020 to the Seanad and the need to ensure that Seanad Reform is both comprehensive and forthcoming.

Senator Higgins also reflected on the mandate for reform given by the public in both 1979 and 2013 and how this Seanad must deliver on that mandate while valuingand encing the work that the Seanad does.

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Seanad amendment opens up long-overdue pathway to open adoption in Ireland

Many countries across the world have long seen open or semi-open adoption as an important option within any modern adoption system. However, Ireland has, to date, only ever allowed for closed adoption in which there are no formal or recognised ongoing connections between a new adoptive family, a birth parent and a child who is adopted.
Barnardos, the Care Leavers Network and many other advocacy groups and experts have long called for change in this area and it seems now that change may finally become possible.