Senator Alice-Mary Higgins on Seanad Reform Bill 2016

On July 13th in Seanad Eireann Senator Alice-Mary Higgins spoke in support of the Second Stage of our Seanad Reform Bill 2016 calling for implementation of the Manning Report and a more democratic and open Seanad.

Senator Alice-Mary Higgins introduced the Seanad Reform Bill along with colleagues from across the political spectrum on her first sitting day of the Seanad.

Read more about Senator Alice-Mary Higgins' work towards Seanad Reform here →

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Senator Alice-Mary Higgins calls on Government to support a TRIPS waiver for COVID-19 vaccines at crucial WTO meeting as daily death toll escalates in India and Brazil

Independent Senator Alice-Mary Higgins has said “there is an urgent moral responsibility on the Irish Government to support a Trade and Intellectual Property Rules (TRIPS) waiver and publicly press the European Commission to vote in favour of that TRIPS waiver at the World Trade Organisation (WTO) meeting on April 30th”.

A TRIPS waiver would allow for the sharing of the intellectual property for COVID-19 vaccines. The proposal has been supported by NGOs such as Oxfam and Médecins Sans Frontieres.