Re-elected! A word of thanks from Senator Higgins

Thank You
Thank You

Senator Higgins was re-elected to Seanad Éireann on the NUI panel.

After her election, she said, "Heartfelt thanks to everyone who supported my campaign for Seanad Éireann - the nominators, assentors, volunteers, campaigners and everyone who entrusted me with their vote." 

"I promise to be a strong and progressive voice for equality, environment, human rights & public services in the challenging times ahead. Well done also to some other great candidates who were unsuccessful on this occasion."

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Senator Higgins addresses Jean-Claude Junker European Commission President

In her address to Mr. Junker, Senator Higgins spoke passionately about the future of Europe, the realisation of the European pillar of social rights, the important work to be done on inclusion and peace-building and a true version of multilateralism. She also voiced the concerns of many across Europe about the increasing militarisation of the EU and its borders and the inclusion of investor state courts in EU trade agreements.

The 'low-ball' public procurement model is broken and needs reform

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IN 2019, IRELAND spent €12 billion on contracts for goods, services and construction. This figure is set to rise considerably in the coming years as €116 billion in major capital works projects are rolled out under the National Development Plan.

The public has a right to expect that when money is spent on their behalf, it is spent in a way that delivers the best results. That requires a carefully thought-through approach to the quality of standards and performance in areas like sustainability, social impact, decent employment and design.