I am proud to have support from many colleagues across the community, arts, political and academic sectors for my work in the Seanad and for my re-election campaign 2020.

“One of the most effective, passionate and inspiring legislators and advocates for social justice in Ireland” - Catríona Crowe, Social Historian and Archivist 

“Alice-Mary Higgins has an independent mind and the eloquence to express it, informed by the qualities of compassion, imagination and critique. She has a real vision for Ireland and raises the major questions in a thoughtful and original way.” - Declan Kiberd, Former Chair of Anglo-Irish Literature, UCD        

“I worked closely and constructively with Alice-Mary in the Seanad. She has great integrity, energy, focus and passion and is deeply committed to serving the common good.”- MEP Grace O’Sullivan   

 “Senator Alice-Mary Higgins has stood out as a remarkably effective and progressive member of Seanad Éireann - with a sharp eye for human rights. I enthusiastically endorse her and hope she will receive a mandate to continue her invaluable and reforming work.” - Professor Donncha O’Connell, School of Law, NUI Galway   

“A powerful voice for women and equality” - Ailbhe Smyth, Equality Advocate  

“As someone deeply concerned about climate justice and our children’s future, I fully support Alice-Mary. She has worked tirelessly and engaged many in civil society to strengthen key environmental legislation” - Dr Lorna Gold, Climate advocate and Lecturer, NUI Maynooth   

“Alice-Mary has a deep commitment to human rights and an equal Ireland. In our work together on the right to housing, family reunification, inclusive education and women’s health she has combined legislative skill with an understanding of the human context. Alice-Mary makes change happened and I encourage everyone to give her a No 1 vote.” - Senator Colette Kelleher   

“Alice-Mary cares about people and understands what it means to make Ireland a good and safe harbour for all” - Theo Dorgan, Poet   

 “Alice-Mary is not afraid to raise her voice in the Seanad or on the streets in the fight for justice and equality. She means what she says and takes action to match. Not just a hard worker and incredible speaker, but someone who genuinely listens to the concerns of others.” - Tara Flynn, actor and writer       

“Alice-Mary’s comprehensive understanding of policy-making, determination and commitment to social justice all guarantee she will make a real contribution for change.” - Anastasia Crickley, Vice President United Nations CERD, Former Head of Applied Social Studies NUI Maynooth